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Solving Sexual Harrasment At The Work Place

Sexual harrasment is common in workplaces despite the action taken by business owners and leader to combat it. Sexual harrasment can be defined as the unwelcome advances usually of a sexual nature that create a hostile work environment and usually affects the performance of the victim in a negative way. It can be from a member of the same sex or opposite sex, from a different level in the organisation or within the same level and sometimes it may be from a person who is junior to you. It can be in the form of rude sexual jokes or inappropriate touching at the work place. Sometimes, the offenders may even post inappropriate content on the Company bulletin, social media ages, notice boards and other forms of internal communication and tracking software.

There are a number of things that can be done to understand and prevent this form of harassment both at the company and state level. First, you could inform the offender of their actions and how those actions affect you. This should serve as a warning to them to stop harassing you or face further action. If they do not stop harassing you, you should report it to the supervisors or the human resources department in your company. The company will usually have policies and procedures on how to deal with this. The company will then pursue the matter internally. After such an incident, some organisations will incorporate frequent training on how to identify and deal with harassment.

Sometimes, it may be impossible to report this matter since the harassment may be coming from the senior personnel in the organisation. In this case, you may resolve to change your job but this does not help those who remain in the organisation. In addition to a job change, you may pursue legal action against the senior personnel in order to ensure that they do not harass any other person in the institution. Some cases are quite mushy and they expose personal information about you and the other party and therefore you should be ready for this. In addition, you can work with the most experienced and qualified attorney to ensure that the case is pursued without making you look bad in the eyes of potential bosses